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  •   Wednesday 31 December, 1969
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 Exam Description

 Exam Objectives:
  • Label Embellishments and Special Applications
  • To highlight the opportunities for consumer interaction with labels and packaging
  • To explain the evolution and use of laser die-cutting technology
  • To understand the use of inks and varnishes for a decorative appeal
  • To outline the thermographic process and the highlight the advantages and disadvantages
  • To explain the different types of lamination
  • To understand the intaglio process and markets for this type of printing
  • To identify new metallic ink and metallic ink printing systems
  • To understand the bronzing process
  • To outline the embossing and debossing process
  • To explain the hologram imaging, electroplating and embossing process
  • To identify foiling dies and highlight the advantages and disadvantages of hot versus cold foiling
  • To highlight decorative embellishments and identify main market sectors in which they are used
  • To identify the different types of label constructions

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