FIRE-FUN 4 week workshop   Canceled

Language of Instruction: english

Date and Time:   Nov 3, 2019   10:00AM
Time Zone: Pacific Standard Time
Duration: 59 minutes
Datacenter Region:  US West (Los Angeles, CA)

This class has ended...

FIRE-FUN is an instructor led 4 week online educational virtual class workshop where you learn how to be financially independent, retire early and have fun. This is based on the authors' own story, (who quit this rat race when he was 43 years old).

Sri started this initiative as a book, then he thought a workbook may be better but finally realized an interactive virtual class would be most effective. The goal is for everyone to have forty years of fun!

FIRE does not mean that you live on peanuts in some remote desert like recluses, lack vacations or entertainment. You get to keep a similar lifestyle as your current lifestyle, take vacations, have entertainment, hang out with friends, enjoy life and still achieve financial freedom.

The path for FIRE is not penny pinching. Instead, it is about focusing on the big ticket items, understanding how things work, optimizing, planning, investing and executing realistically.

Do note that you do not need a fat inheritance or win a lotto to achieve this. People with ordinary income like average salesperson, accountant, teacher, engineer, marketing manager, software tester etc. can reach the goal, which will be demonstrated in the workshop. In addition, you will also notice a very good margin of safety built-in in these calculations to account for any unfortunate situations.

Unlike books, where you have to read through hundreds of pages, digest them without any help when you get stuck and end up abandoning this goal in frustration, this workshop is an interactive, step by step walk through with the author. In this virtual classroom setup, you will work through real-world scenarios, several how-tos, illustrations, exercises and worksheets, and ask questions to clarify your doubts to determine what are the right choices for you and avoid pitfalls that will help you to create your own FIRE-FUN plan.


> This course is not about get rich soon scheme.

> No investment products will be sold.

> Investment return calculations are based off of historic US S&P 500 average (7.5% per annum)*, the same can be applied for other countries as well

> No financial background or knowledge is necessary.

Who is this workshop for:

People who are serious about quitting their work earlier to enjoy their life. Think of it this way, what is it worth to get back 10 or 20 years of your life?

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*Disclaimers on Investments: > This course highlights generic investment principles, should not be mistaken for personalized advice for anyone; for further questions please consult a financial advisor. > past performance of investment does not necessarily predict or guarantee future results.> Not liable for any omissions and errors or any other incident it may arise out of it> All information is provided “as-is”> The course contain links to third-party websites just for convenience and should not be construed as affiliation or sponsorship or endorsement. The information provided in the linked websites does not belong to the author and is not responsible for them.> Author is a registered Financial Advisor, however registration does not mean an endorsement of the firm by any regulators nor does it mean the advisor has achieved certain skill level.