ETC - Spanish for Beginners or Kids Under 10    Past

Language of Instruction: spanish

Date and Time:   Jun 17, 2019   10:10AM
Time Zone: SA Pacific Standard Time
Duration: 30 minutes
Datacenter Region:  US East (Dallas, TX)

This class has ended...

Online Spanish lesson for kids with a live native speaker. Every lesson the student will learn something different to improve listening and speaking and increase vocabulary. The students will learn:

Greetings, names, follow simple instructions, identify and recognize 3 colors,

Saying colors

Counting numbers 1-10

Saying different fruit and talking about likes

Saying different parts of the body

Saying different shapes and face vocab

Saying farm animals and animal noises

Identifying and saying 5 different objects in the classroom

Talking about our world

Talking about Feelings and Emotions

Asking about and describing the weather

Talking about different vegetables

Talking about travelling on the bus

Talking about different clothes

Talking about ability
- Asking questions and answering with “poder”

Saying action verbs and directions: left, right, forward, back

Talking about classroom stationery and requesting things

Talking about likes and dislikes for food

Talking about different members of the family

Special lessons: Recognize and identify 8 Christmas words and sing a Christmas carol, Recognize and identify 6 Easter words and 3 prepositions of location and talking about Halloween and popular Halloween characters