Targeted Facial Massage (Point Facial Massage).

Learn Targeted Facial Massage in 1 hour.


Targeted Facial Massage full course. This course is concluded of 28 lectures 31 mins video.

Each point is exposed in a separate video. Video shows the point location and anatomically place. How long and how to massage the point.

In this course you will learn massaging technique and you will find 20 points that need to massage.

Massage does not require anything. Use your fingers to massage.

This Targeted Facial Massaging course is easily understood by absolute beginners, but it can by done by professionals, or it can be coordinated with other cosmetics procedures and other massage techniques.

This massage can be done by everyone for themselves.

This massage is very powerful after stressful situations, before an important event (eg. interviews, business meetings, dates, party ...) and just to look younger and more beautiful.

This massage does not have any negative effects.

At the end of the course you will be massagint your face and massaging your friends.

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