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Wowoman is a women empowerment platform. Our vision is to create space for women to express themselves, to develop personal and professional skills, to connect and grow together, to inspire and make them more self-confident, independent and able to set and follow big dreams.

In order to balance gender equality, social wellbeing and increase employment among women we developed a new Film-Making project “WOWIDEO”, the aim of which is to reveal professional filmmaker in every woman which is interested in this science, empowering them to manifest themselves in the market of filmmaking services, to create a space in which they will exchange ideas and share experiences, work with the provision of learning materials, thereby deepening their knowledge.

By the end of the project trained ladies successfully passing the course and submitting their short movies will receive a certificate and participate in local/international events in filmmaking. These benefits will help ladies to gain confidence and be able to professionally apply their skills

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