Young Potentials MBA - Module 1

Dholos - Strategic Marketing & Product Innovation



Led by the enthusiasm of our participants in recent years, we started thinking of the expansion of our product by building a learning platform with focus on business knowledge & business cases.

We’ve wanted to bring it a step further by not only creating our platform for young people, but for everybody that has the ambition and will to learn and grow. Led by ambition, we started creating a very immersive online platform that allows people to expand their practical knowledge in a way that transcends the way we learn today. We’ve developed what we call ‘the 21st century learning experience’ bearing the name “Young Potentials MBA.”

In this course you can try out the first module of our Young Potentials MBA, which is Dholos - Strategic Marketing & Product Innovation.

Dholos is a fictive company that we created to immerse you in the application of the different theoretical models that you will see during this course.

In this case you will have to apply following theoretical models:

  1. Strategy - Blue Ocean Strategy
  2. Strategy - Game Theory
  3. Innovation - Open Innovation
  4. Innovation - Brainstorming

Enjoy the module and immerse yourself into exciting business knowledge.

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