Who Told You You You're Gay?

The Ethics of Counseling & Pastoring Same Sex Attraction



In this TRACK [I] Introductory Course, Dr. Murphy teaches both SSA Cultures and Parents, how to recognize cross-gender spiritual disturbance; and educate Faith Leadership how to gracefully nurture, and counsel SSA cultures. Participants will learn how to recognize the sensitive and complex issues that Parents and loved-ones face and how to explain why “sexually questioning” teens must have the chance to voice their spiritual disturbance, explore their emotional/identity crisis by investigating the family system for healing plans options; instead of rejecting them; leaving them to hopelessly adopt a gay identity and choose to live a gay lifestyle. Faith Leaders, Teachers, and various other Social Service Providers will understand the process of intervention, deliverance, sanctification, traces of addictive behaviors, realistic transformation recovery expectations prevention counseling, and transformation aftercare tracking.

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