Full notes - IGCSE Computer Science 0478/2210

Notes will help you to answer any expected question.



This full syllabus notes of Computer Science were made by a student and for students. It was collected from every piece of information, topics, notes, teacher’s lessons and any other resources to create this comprehensive summerised notes.

The notes were created to easily find answers for most of the expected questions that might appear in any exam.

Chapter 1:   Binary Systems and Hexadecimal

Chapter 2:   Communication and Internet Technologies

Chapter 3:   Logic Gates and logic Circuits

Chapter 4:   Operating Systems and Computer Architecture

Chapter 5:   Input and Output Devices

Chapter 6:   Memory and Data Storage

Chapter 7:   High- and Low-Level Languages

Chapter 8:   Security and Ethics

Chapter 9:   Problem-solving and Design

Chapter 10:   Pseudocode and Flowcharts

Chapter 11:   Programming Concepts

Chapter 12:   Data Structures: Arrays & Using Pre-release Material

Chapter 13:   Databases

Chapter 14:   Syllabus Checklist, Personal Notes

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