Advanced Charcoal Export Course

Charcoal Export for beginners. An advanced course



This course sets out the basics and every other necessary angle a would be exporter of charcoal should cover before venturing into it.

It is a bare bones, no-holds-barred approach to tutoring and mentoring like you will find no where else. Participants will feel like their hands are being held all the way and indeed they are. An in depth and interactive session fashioned for those who want to venture into profitable charcoal products export.

In the introductory classes on Portfolio 9 Facebook chat rooms, we shared a few things with you on charcoal processing and exportation. We will delve deeper here and the knowledge you acquired will come useful at the different times during these sessions.

This is a MENTORGUIDE class, so we will assume you do not have any prior experience whatsoever concerning the topic we will be covering. At the end of every lesson you may post comments and feedback on the class’ discussion board. The mentor will do his best to answer every question as promptly as possible.

There will be field trips so we will be having a lot of videos and should it demand, live streaming. You will need a fair amount of internet data to follow through with this MENTORGUIDE series.

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