NSW HSC Chemistry Yr 11 Tutorial Course 2018 Syllabus

HSC Chemistry, British A Level Chemistry, General Chemistry



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NSW HSC Chemistry New Syllabus Yr 11 2018

These online lesson materials have been written to specifically address the new version of the New South Wales HSC Chemistry syllabus that is being introduced in 2018.

This is the start of the course materials it addresses the start of Properties of Matter from Module 1 in the Year 11 component of the 2018 HSC Chemistry Syllabus.

Other courses addressing the rest of Module 1 and the other Modules will be added as they are written and loaded up.

British A Level Chemistry

Since this new syllabus seems to have been a direct adoption of the vast majority of the British “A Levels” chemistry syllabus, then those students studying to sit those exams will benefit from doing this course as well.

General Chemistry Bridging Courses

These course materials are also a good introduction to general chemistry for those who have not done previous studies in chemistry. But who wish to improve their knowledge to the equivalent of the NSW HSC Chemistry course (Senior High School, matriculation level), so they can go on to further study at TAFE (Technical College) or university.

Chapter 1:   Module 1 Part 1 Intro

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