Certified Scrum Master Professional (CSMP)

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The Scrum Consortium offers the accredited Certified Scrum Master Professional (CSMP) certification exam and designation. This scrum certification proves to your colleagues, project team members and hiring managers that you have demonstrated your knowledge of scrum and your commitment to advancing the scrum framework.

The Accredited CSMP Certifications is granted exclusively by The Scrum Consortium and it is offered at only $49 for unlimited attempts. You can take the test until you pass. It is the belief of The Scrum Consortium that professionals should not be required to sit in a classroom to effectively demonstrate their scrum proficiency. Rather, Scrum Consortium members have access to extensive free online scrum training materials. It is our belief, and the prevailing belief of the scrum community, that scrum can be effectively learned in a self-paced, online environment and that scrum professionals should be assessed based strictly on their level of understanding of the scrum framework.

Chapter 1:   Scrum Theory

Chapter 2:   The Scrum Team

Chapter 3:   Scrum Events

Chapter 4:   Scrum Artifacts

Chapter 5:   End Note and Certification Exam Instructions

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