Introduction To Deliverance

Identifying the 16 Strongmen



This is an introductory course into deliverance ministry. You will learn how to recognize signs and symptoms of the 16 Strongmen. You will learn how to pray effective deliverance prayers in order to see lives set free by the Power of God. Students will receive personal prayer, deliverance and healing ministry.

Chapter 1:   Introduction to Deliverance

Chapter 2:   The Spirit of Fear

Chapter 3:   The Spirit of Bondage

Chapter 4:   Spirit of Error

Chapter 5:   The Lying Spirit

Chapter 6:   The Seducing Spirit

Chapter 7:   The Spirit of Jealousy

Chapter 8:   The Perverse Spirit

Chapter 9:   The Spirit of Whoredoms

Chapter 10:   The Spirit of Heaviness

Chapter 11:   The Spirit of Infirmity

Chapter 12:   The Dumb and Deaf Spirit

Chapter 13:   The Familiar Spirit

Chapter 14:   The Spirit of Divination

Chapter 15:   The Spirit of Antichrist

Chapter 16:   The Spirit of Death

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