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Welcome to the Information Security Compliance and Law - Global Data Protection Officer (DPO+G) Certification

By completing the course you will be able to confidently and correctly apply data protection fundamentals to just about any business that works with Personal Data, from the smallest home based business to the largest multi-national or government agency.

This course is different to every other course on the Internet, simply because it provides 3 types of learning:

  • If you learn by hearing what to do - then we have lectures to provide in-depth details
  • If you learn by seeing what to do - then we provide demonstrations using real-world software
  • If you learn by doing what needs to be done - then you will love the included hands-on labs
  • And then, we have online Live Classes - a student driven forum for learning

This course explains Global Data Protection laws, regulations and principles, not just parts of Europe - a website makes you a global business, Right? This course doesn't just tell you what you need to do, critically, it shows you how to achieve the results with "Hands On" labs of real world practical "show and tell" style demonstrations of how to implement the systems to comply with the laws applicable globally and what you will need to do at each step as a Data Protection Officer by mapping regulations and laws to real and practical implementations - Step by Step... and it's all done using our best selling Global Data Protection Management System (GDPMS) tool which is included for each student as part of your course.

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Having already taught thousands of DPOs from all over the world about the GDPR, we have put our standard ISO-Accredited DPO Course into over-drive, and it's now available to you online with a global focus.

This course is the Foundation Global Data Protection Officer (DPO+G) ISO-Accredited Certification. DPO+G is the newest standard for Data Protection Officer training and certification. It is more than just the GDPR, it's the "united nations" global approach to Data Protection and includes the laws and compliance requirements for more than 80 countries and regions, rolling the whole learning experience into one premium unified ISO-Accredited and universally recognized Certified training course.

This course has been redesigned from the ground up and takes the standard ISO-Accredited DPO (for GDPR) course and enhance it to suit the Global application of Data Protection rather than just the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and while it includes the EU and the UK GDPR, it also includes the CCPA (Californian Consumer Privacy Act 2018) it's focus is global compliance. If you only focus on one region - then you're not compliant.

The EU GDPR is considered the Gold-Standard in Data Protection Regulations, but doesn't consider the data protection laws that exist in Australia, Philippines, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, United States, Canada, Russia, China, Brazil, Argentina, New Zealand or in fact any other countries, other than EU countries. Consider that the United Kingdom is leaving the EU (BREXIT) very soon, and now you may need to consider that also. Most, if not all companies and businesses that have an internet presence today should be more than just GDPR compliant because this only addresses one group of people from one region, if your business touches customers, suppliers or people from other countries, this course will ensure that you are complying with all those data privacy and data protection laws. This is why it is the Global Data Protection Officer (DPO+G) ISO-Accredited Certification is not just the EU GDPR version.

This course is complemented by a very large, highly sophisticated resource component provided by the Global Data Protection Management System. It consists of ISO 27002, ISO 29134, ISO 29151, BS 10012 and ISO 15489 modules that are delivered complete with Policies, Standards, Registers, Processes, Procedures, Automated Workflows, Reports, Task lists and Dashboards etc. and a large range of other material to provide the perfect automated working and learning Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) environment for all levels of student to appreciate the depth and breadth of the application of these laws from all over the globe, in a single functioning application base with expert learning, tuition, guidance and support.

By the time you have completed this course, you will be more highly trained than any GDPR DPO's on the planet, you will be a DPO+G! You will quickly discover new employment opportunities and be able to impress even the most seasoned security expert with your depth of knowledge. You will learn the PRACTICAL application of these laws at the same time you are learning about the Frameworks, Policies, Standards, Applications, Processes and Procedures all in a single well orchestrated action with a finely honed COMMERCIAL focus.

For global data protection compliance for any organization big or small, especially multi-nationals and organizations with large global reach and large customer bases or multiple locations around the world, this course and the tools will centralized management for global data protection and privacy compliance.

Take a look at the course description video, meet your instructor and get a feel for the material in the course. This course is a hands-on course, it is not hours of classroom style learning. You will be knee-deep in practical applications and real life scenarios from the very beginning of the course using the Global Data Protection Management System in hands-on labs.

Once you have completed this course, you have the option of sitting your exam and obtaining the Foundation DPO+G ISO-Accredited Certification and you can continue to the Practitioner DPO+G/P ISO-Accredited Certification Course, it's entirely up to you and will be driven by your own aspirations for certification as an ISO-Accredited DPO+G/P Certified Professional. Regardless, this is a real ISO-Accredited Training Course, with Real ISO-Accredited Exams and Certifications at the end. See our Examination Policy and Process. See our Collection Statement and Privacy Policy.

TRAINING COURSE COST: The total package cost for all modules and training is 760 EURO (excluding any re-examinations subject to our Examination Policy and Process).

The Module cost is 360 EURO (1 x Foundation (160 Euro) and 1 x Practitioner (200 Euro)) and each Exam is 200 EURO (1 x Foundation and 1 x Practitioner). The exam preparation at each level is included with the respective module.

Re-certification is every 3-years for Foundation Certificates and 2-Years for Practitioner Certificates. You can learn more about the Examination and Certification Process in our Examination Policy and Process document.

This is more than a training video, its a new career opportunity and a world of new employment prospects. So enroll and get started today.

Chapter 1:   Welcome, Introduction & Course Description

Chapter 2:   Implementing the GDPMS Governance Risk and Compliance System

Chapter 3:   Section 1 : Global Data Protection Officer

Chapter 4:   Section 2

Chapter 5:   Section 3

Chapter 6:   Section 4

Chapter 7:   Section 5

Chapter 8:   Section 6

Chapter 9:   Section 7

Chapter 10:   Section 8

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