i-75 FAR-COMPLETE-84% Pass Rate in 1st Half of 2019!!

FAR Video Bundle, Test Bank, Narrated Sims, 2 Testlets!


The i-75 FAR Course includes everything you need to pass the CPA FAR exam in 2019!! Whether you have other CPA Review material or not, i-75 is a complete review course, no other CPA Review materials needed to pass.

Chapter 1:   Partnerships-Not Currently Listed in the AICPA Blueprint but

Chapter 2:   The Basics-Deferrals and Accruals

Chapter 3:   FAR Disclosures and Footnotes-FASB Framework, Segments

Chapter 4:   Accounts and Notes Receivable

Chapter 5:   New Revenue Recognition Rules

Chapter 6:   FAR Income Statement and Accounting Changes

Chapter 7:   FAR Fixed Assets and Impairments

Chapter 8:   Leases

Chapter 9:   Cash and Cash Equivalents and Statement of Cash Flows

Chapter 10:   FAR Bonds

Chapter 11:   Stockholders Equity

Chapter 12:   FAR Marketable Securities and other investments

Chapter 13:   FAR Foreign Currency and Hedging

Chapter 14:   FAR Business Combinations

Chapter 15:   Government Accounting and Reporting

Chapter 16:   FAR Not For Profit

Chapter 17:   Earnings Per Share

Chapter 18:   FAR Accounting for Income Taxes

Chapter 19:   FAR Inventory

Chapter 20:   FAR Pensions

Chapter 21:   FAR-Comprehensive Income

Chapter 22:   FAR Ratio Analysis

Chapter 23:   FAR-Non Monetary Exchanges

Chapter 24:   Current Liabilities

Chapter 25:   Asset Retirement Obligations

Chapter 26:   FAR-Testlets

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