Teach Your Child to Read and Write

In Four Lessons



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This course is intended for mothers who are teaching their 4-6 year-old children how to read. It covers essential information (e.g. teaching strategies, reading & writing developmental stages, etc.,) that is needed in order to teach a child successfully. The parent is given step by step instructions on how to teach their child sight words using Islamic Sight Word Stories, Part 1. Though it is addressed to a Muslim audience, all are welcome to enroll.

Course Objectives:

  • Implement the BDA framework when teaching your child to read & write
  • Analyze, reflect, and write about your teaching experience/strategies & outcomes

*Course text not included; must purchase separately.

Chapter 1:   Course Overview

Chapter 2:   Why Islamic Books

Chapter 3:   Igniting Your Child’s Interest in Reading & Writing

Chapter 4:   Stages of development in reading & writing

Chapter 5:   Teaching the Alphabet

Chapter 6:   BDA Framework

Chapter 7:   Lesson Planning

Chapter 8:   Lesson Planning

Chapter 9:   Lesson Planning

Chapter 10:   Lesson Planning

Chapter 11:   Preview of & Suggestions for Part 2

Chapter 12:   The Assignment

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